Nano- and quantum-optics, plasmonics, and near-field hyperspectral imaging

Photo of our lab showing researchers engaged in hyperspectral near-field imaging
bowtie nanoantennas and asymmetric bowtie nano color sorters concentrate and manipulate light at nanometer length scales

Our group is continuously pushing the envelope, and increasing the general applicability, of deeply-subwavelength sensing and imaging techniques. We are interested in the study and control of plasmonic properties and the development and application of optical nanoantenna concepts.  Examples of our efforts include successfully developing nonperturbative superressolution methods for localizing nano-optical field distributions within individual optical antennas, inventing concepts and devices for precise manipulation of nano-optical fields and nano “color sorting”, and co-inventing and demonstrating the revolutionary “optical transformer” technology for optimized far-field to near-field coupling (patent granted).

schematic of a campanile near-field tip scanning a nanowire

Our lab has pioneered the successful and reproducible implementation of engineered optical antennas on scanning probe tips. This allows us to scan nanolight sources over any sample and investigate matter spectroscopically with sub-20 nm spatial resolution, providing a critical capability for pursuing our research. One of our developments, the campanile near field optical probe, overcomes nearly all limitations previously associated with near-field optics, and also enables the translation of virtually all optical spectroscopy techniques to the nm scale.